Welcome to Allistyle 2015, an all "INCLUSIVE CLOTHING LINE" for the mainstream and plus community.

Allistyle is a naturally intelligent clothing line specializing in sustainable fabrics such as viscose from bamboo. Our current fabric is 95% viscose from bamboo and 5% spandex. We are developing our future collections using other sustainable fabrics, including boiled wool, double knit and significant mix of viscose from bamboo, organic cotton and spandex. Allistyle is proud to be MADE IN CANADA.

Allistyle is travel friendly, season-less and classically elegant. Allistyle was the first and last curvy fashion line to show at IMG WORLD MASTERCARD TORONTO FASHION WEEK, in October 2012. Allistyle gained tremendous media coverage due the fact that they were the first runway show for the plus size community to be presented in Canada.

Allistyle is the brainwave of Alli Shapiro, the co-founder of the company. Alli founded the company in March 2006 along with her mother Pamela Shainhouse. The company, although incorporated in 2006 did not start until 2011, five years after the passing of its founder Alli Shapiro.

In June 2011, Pamela Shainhouse met Whitney Thompson, the sole plus winner, Season 10 of America's Next Top Model,  at the FFF Figure Fashion Week. From that time on, Whitney joined the team of Allistyle becoming  the face and spokesperson for the line. With Whitney's help in the beginning we became well known within the plus size marketplace. 

Now, Allistyle is branding itself as in "INCLUSIVE FASHION LINE". What does "inclusive" mean in our Brand? It means bringing mainstream and plus size fashion together. Although we are concentrating our focus to the "Plus" community, we are providing our sizing to all women with curves, no matter if they are a XS or a 3X.

Watch as grow as we re-brand in the next few months. Participate with us on social media. We are on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 



Whitney Thompson Season 10 winner of ANTM