Happy New Year

So we can all see how dedicated I am in blogging. The last blog was a few weeks ago. Well. The most I can tell you is I will try better. 

I was at a great blogging seminar at the Gladstone Hotel just before Christmas Eve. The hotel is starting a new education series,with the first seminar presented by Casie Stewart. This dynamo taught me quite a bit. One interesting point she spoke about was consistency. Casie said that the need to apologize for not staying in tuned with the blog is not important. What is important is making whatever effort you can make,no matter how timely or how short. Just try to do the best you can.


So to my Allistyle followers, I promise in the new year To make the best effort I can to educate and blog about what is important to Allistyle. I will try to do the best that I can.  I don't want to call it a resolution. I just want to do the best I can. 

So everyone, I believe that 2015 is going to be a stellar year for Allistyle. We are bringing some new initiatives to the Brand. Stay tuned.  


In closing,I hope that the upcoming year will bring everything to everyone. To tell you the truth the only important wish is for good health. Stay well and warm on this New Year's Eve! 

The new AlliWrap

So here I am, weeks after the last post, ashamed that I have not kept up with my promise to my followers. Hoping to get a few interns to help me blog and keep everything current.

So here we go, I have some exciting news for Allistyle. We have developed the “AlliWrap” , a fabulous wrap, designed specifically for all women. The best part about the wrap is how it works for all size of women. The squarish shape of the wrap works if you are small, larger, short or tall.  


The wrap is fantastic for nursing women. They can venture out with the baby and the wrap and nurse anywhere in confidence that the baby will be comfortable and so will they. The wrap is made out of bamboo which is breathable. After feeding then baby, they can still wear the wrap as a scarf, or wrap. It fits neatly into your purse or under your coat. Never bulky.

Allistyle is thrilled to be associated with Alli’s Journey where $5 of ever wrap will be donated to our sister cause. Alli’s Journey supports young adults with cancer. 

You can purchase your wrap right though the website.

Allistyle booth at Atlanta AmericasMart October 2015

Allistyle booth at Atlanta AmericasMart October 2015

So where do your think we are? AmericasMart Atlanta trade show, our second trade show The lighting to take pictures is pretty lousy but I thought that this picture gave you a good idea of how our booth looked. 

We learned quite a bit from the first show we ever did, WWIN.  I think that we used what we learned and implemented it here. I love learning and especially when the tips are great.  

So far loads of interest. This is just day 2. The day seems to be just  where people check everything out. Hoping that we do good business.  Will check in as we show. 


So excited to be able to blog from my phone

I know that this would not excite people but it sure does me. Now I will be able to blog when I just have a spare moment. 

The past few weeks have been packed for Allistyle. I have been travelling quite a lot but the most important was the talk with Penningtons and Laura Canada. Also met with Addition-elle.  

Nothing on paper as of yet  but terrific response to our line and how we can work with them to bring Alli's vision to  reality. 

I am finding that doors are opening in all different ways. From starting another more cost effective line to working with companies and doing a private label. 

I will be able to keep Allistyle followers in the loop. Thank you squarespace blog. Happy CEO! 




Fall- Winter Capsule is here!

Check out our new collection. Simple and clean looks together with our move into texture and wovens. This is the first time we have moved to a textured boiled wool jacket and a "Jacqui O" coat and dress done in woven navy blend. We have kept everything similar in our knits, because if it aint broke....

The collection will go on sale soon.

Allistyle's new fall- winter collection is to be uploaded tomorrow!

I know that the summer weather is still here (thank goodness) but I think it is always great to get your winter wardrobe ready for as soon as you need to put it on. Our colours are spectacular, reminiscence of a fall day up at the cottage. Plums, reds, golds, navy and black shades come together to present a small capsule collection.

Allistyle is the line that you go to then minute you open your closet door. We are classic and can be worn with other designers, whether with couture or H&M.

Excited about this season. Would love your comments on the upcoming season. We shot on mannequins, something a little different. 

Stay tuned. You will happy you did

Off to our first trade show. WWIN Vegas, here we come!


Here I am on a Wednesday, although a week late, but I am here. Very positive outlook, no negativity is my new motto and I am working very hard to do that. Allistyle is very excited to be going to the first ever trade show in Las Vegas in 10 days. Today we received our first request for an appointment. This works for me! Very excited about going to the show with my friend and our VP of marketing and PR, Deb Knight. Looking forward to working and playing hard.

We have such a good brand with such a solid motto,"great style has no size". I smile every time I refer to the motto. Throughout my life, I have had such difficulty feeling confident in the way I look and especially on how I feel about finding good clothing. Now with Allistyle, I can feel beautiful in the clothing I wear.

My daughter Alli would be thrilled that we can offer such great clothing to such a wide market. When we first started a few years ago, we concentrated on the younger market, but as the brand has evolved we have broadened the marketplace. Even I am happily wearing Allistyle.

I think the focus of this blog post is to show everyone how broad our reach is and to not think that we are simply focused to the age group that our pictures seem to represent.  Maybe the next photo shoot should be a representation of our various markets. Gee, not a bad idea!

To be "plus-size" or not to be "plus-size" - that is the question!

Wednesday, July 23rd, the first Wednesday blog! I decided that I have put too many deadlines on my timetable, one being a blog that I would write 2 to 3 times per week. I finally realized that I can talk a good talk but I am having a hard time walking the talk. So I decided that I was going to begin the “Wednesday Blog”, a blog that I will do on Wednesdays, the middle of the week, giving me the opportunity to take a look at what has been in the forefront of this fashion community and report on what I believe are important facts.


So here we go! Every day you hear about people feeling that they are standing out when they announce that their brand is deciding to bring on “plus sizes”. I think that is bothering me, that the fashion community has to segment the fashion community as finally coming out of its shell. 


In North America it is now known that half of women identify as plus sized (wearing 14+). Yet they are not spending their dollars on clothing. I wonder why?  They are not spending their money mainly because there is nothing to spend it on.

Women want to just feel beautiful and want clothing that makes them feel that way. “According to a recent NPD Group report, the plus-sized women's clothing category has grown 5 per cent from last year, It generated $17.5 billion (US) in the 12 months that ended in April, up from $16.7 billion (US) in sales during the same period the previous year” ( from Sara Bauknecht/Pittsburgh Post- Gazette).


I am not happy that in order for Allistyle to be recognized in the “web” world, we always have to include the term #plus size in our keywords. If we didn't refer to the word “plus-size” Allistyle would be at the bottom of the barrel in the SEO world. Just seems that I need to move on and include the word somewhere, so here we are, Allistyle is a “plus size” company.

NYC here we are!

Just finished our first fashion show in Manhattan! We just showed at the Run the Realway, fashion show at the Yotel Hotel in NYC in front of close to 500 people.  My thank you to Catherine Schuller who single handedly has brought this fashion show to so many. Sorry that I have been so busy to put up the video, it will have to wait until I get home this weekend.

I decided to take a few days off in one of the fashion capitals of the world. I drove to the city, spent some time with my family and just chilled a little. Even the best entrepreneurs need a few days off.

My mind is not stopping with all of my ideas about my upcoming spring summer collection for 2015. We cannot run late with this collection so the fabrics were ordered and are being delivered. We have bamboo tied dyed, can you believe it, fabulous stripes and great new rich colours. Adding some rich reds, denims, oh, so exciting. Also adding so cotton prints. I just wish I could get the bamboo prints but haven't found that yet.

Well, this was just a short blog to tell you I am alive and kicking in NYC. More hopefully in a few days.....Stay tuned.

P.S. I am so sorry that I have not added the summer collection. I know we are running a little late, but I promise to have to up by the end of the weekend. Just because it is late, the prices may be brought down.....Again, stay tuned!

Collection is here! Spring Summer

You know I cannot believe how diverse and well learned I am becoming with this new website. A few years ago, I did not even understand what a blog is, and now I am making a promise that I will blog at least once a week. So what do you think I am going to write about once a week? That is a very good question.

I think I am going to write about how I feel about fashion and the need to stay current and fashion forward but at the same time remain classic and basic so that it doesn't cost every one a fortune to keep their fashion closet on trend.  I am going to do my best to bring the top five new trends that are on the best sites. 

Be patient with me. Send me questions through the "info" page. 

I am very excited about what is happening ahead. Allistyle is the clothing company you want will go too. I know that it is the clothing that I grab first thing in the mooring that takes me all the way through the day, no matter what I my day is set up to be.

Follow us. You will not be sorry.

Spring summer

I think that we are just getting a taste of summer. The weather here in Toronto has been pretty crummy, except for a few stunning days. Our spring summer clothing is so great, with such a varied group of colours. We have also added polka dots, stripes, great colours, from crimson to neutral beige. Every time I look at the selection of the spring colours I have, I just realize that the weather has to get better before anyone is actually going to believe that we are really moving ahead into gorgeous weather!

I wish that I knew how to include some pictures into my post. All I can say is that by tomorrow I hope to have the whole spring summer line posted on the site.

Please be patient with me, as I promise to have everything posted on the site no later than the week-end. I promise!

Allistyle- first new post on the new site!

Well, although it is still chilly outside I believe that there is no better time to launch a new website. I am a huge lover of spring (to tell you I love anything that is not winter, so I believe that we need to start of our new website with our new collection for the spring summer. 

 Allistyle is developing a new look,a new look with a new message.  Allistyle is now changing its look into something much more streamlined and clean, representing the main values of our Brand. I felt that it was time to change the look of the site and make it far more natural and sophisticated. I also felt that it was time for me to be able to have a site that I can play with, update and learn. This site is exactly that (although who knows how long it is going to take me to be able to learn the back end of things. 

Allistyle has clearly been seen strictly as a “plus size clothing line”. When we first began, the plus size market was one where there was a clear need to great clothing. There still is that need. Allistyle is concentrating on filling that need. The only change that we are making is bringing plus size clothing right along side with mainstream clothing. Allistyle believes so deeply in “Inclusive Fashion”, having no clear separation in sizing. “Style has no size” and we need to develop that message and bring it into the forefront of the fashion world. All women should be treated equally no matter what size they are.

Now to our collection. Our spring colours range from taupe, crimson, pink, polka dots in black and taupe, crimson and turquoise. Stripes in navy and black, mixed with polka dots and solids. These colours are so bright and fun. Orange has been written up in the fashion magazines as the new Black, and of course, Allistyle has included that in a cute peplum tee. Everything looks so fresh and fun. We are even bringing some of our hits back into the scene because they are still very on trend.

 Allistyle is so travel friendly with wrinkles hang out in no time. The fabrics are washable and hang dry able which works so well when you want to travel the world. One would laugh when they take a look at the way I pack. I throw my clothes into any corner, scrunching it up, and when unpacked the wrinkles just hang out.

So now with our new website up and running, I promise to get the spring summer line up very shortly. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.  2014 is going to be a great year for Allistyle. Come among with us for a super ride.