The new AlliWrap

So here I am, weeks after the last post, ashamed that I have not kept up with my promise to my followers. Hoping to get a few interns to help me blog and keep everything current.

So here we go, I have some exciting news for Allistyle. We have developed the “AlliWrap” , a fabulous wrap, designed specifically for all women. The best part about the wrap is how it works for all size of women. The squarish shape of the wrap works if you are small, larger, short or tall.  


The wrap is fantastic for nursing women. They can venture out with the baby and the wrap and nurse anywhere in confidence that the baby will be comfortable and so will they. The wrap is made out of bamboo which is breathable. After feeding then baby, they can still wear the wrap as a scarf, or wrap. It fits neatly into your purse or under your coat. Never bulky.

Allistyle is thrilled to be associated with Alli’s Journey where $5 of ever wrap will be donated to our sister cause. Alli’s Journey supports young adults with cancer. 

You can purchase your wrap right though the website.