To be "plus-size" or not to be "plus-size" - that is the question!

Wednesday, July 23rd, the first Wednesday blog! I decided that I have put too many deadlines on my timetable, one being a blog that I would write 2 to 3 times per week. I finally realized that I can talk a good talk but I am having a hard time walking the talk. So I decided that I was going to begin the “Wednesday Blog”, a blog that I will do on Wednesdays, the middle of the week, giving me the opportunity to take a look at what has been in the forefront of this fashion community and report on what I believe are important facts.


So here we go! Every day you hear about people feeling that they are standing out when they announce that their brand is deciding to bring on “plus sizes”. I think that is bothering me, that the fashion community has to segment the fashion community as finally coming out of its shell. 


In North America it is now known that half of women identify as plus sized (wearing 14+). Yet they are not spending their dollars on clothing. I wonder why?  They are not spending their money mainly because there is nothing to spend it on.

Women want to just feel beautiful and want clothing that makes them feel that way. “According to a recent NPD Group report, the plus-sized women's clothing category has grown 5 per cent from last year, It generated $17.5 billion (US) in the 12 months that ended in April, up from $16.7 billion (US) in sales during the same period the previous year” ( from Sara Bauknecht/Pittsburgh Post- Gazette).


I am not happy that in order for Allistyle to be recognized in the “web” world, we always have to include the term #plus size in our keywords. If we didn't refer to the word “plus-size” Allistyle would be at the bottom of the barrel in the SEO world. Just seems that I need to move on and include the word somewhere, so here we are, Allistyle is a “plus size” company.