Off to our first trade show. WWIN Vegas, here we come!


Here I am on a Wednesday, although a week late, but I am here. Very positive outlook, no negativity is my new motto and I am working very hard to do that. Allistyle is very excited to be going to the first ever trade show in Las Vegas in 10 days. Today we received our first request for an appointment. This works for me! Very excited about going to the show with my friend and our VP of marketing and PR, Deb Knight. Looking forward to working and playing hard.

We have such a good brand with such a solid motto,"great style has no size". I smile every time I refer to the motto. Throughout my life, I have had such difficulty feeling confident in the way I look and especially on how I feel about finding good clothing. Now with Allistyle, I can feel beautiful in the clothing I wear.

My daughter Alli would be thrilled that we can offer such great clothing to such a wide market. When we first started a few years ago, we concentrated on the younger market, but as the brand has evolved we have broadened the marketplace. Even I am happily wearing Allistyle.

I think the focus of this blog post is to show everyone how broad our reach is and to not think that we are simply focused to the age group that our pictures seem to represent.  Maybe the next photo shoot should be a representation of our various markets. Gee, not a bad idea!